Thailand Trust Mark

The company has been selected to be part of a world class product with Thailand Trust Mark or T-Mark.

The certification has been established to promote the value of products and services produced in Thailand with world class quality. It covers four main dimensions of the business.
1. Received certification from domestic and international standards
2. Received certification of green industry level 2 Green operation (at least) or obtained ISO 14001
3. Activities are conducted with the consideration of Corporate Social Responsibility.
4. Received Thai Labor Standard Certification (TLS 8001 – 2010), At least the basic level, which is for producing quality and reliable products, including social and environmental responsibility, and also received support from the Thai government who has promoted T-Mark to both Thais and foreigners to understand the true meanings of this symbol. Buyers can be confident that they will receive the best quality products and services from Thailand.