Plant based product pre-launch event under brands ‘Thai Taste’ and ‘Soup a Day’

NSL Foods Public Company Limited launched new plant-based products under brand ‘Thai Taste’ and ‘Soup a Day’ during 14-15 October 2022 in Singapore collaborating with Unified Trade Hub, a food product importer and distributor. The event highlighted ready-to-eat plant-based food products to create brand awareness and penetrate the market aiming for new generations who love healthy lifestyles, vegan and vegetarian group, and still maintain the concept of Innovative Healthy Food from the company with cooking show activities and special menus in the event.

Soup a Day’ ready-to-eat plant based soup, easy to eat, just open the sachet, add hot water and enjoy

Mushroom Cream Soup
Green Pea Cream Soup
Pumpkin Cream Soup
White Bean Cream Soup

‘Thai Taste’ instant Thai curry Plant based, plant protein, ready to eat, more delicious when heated

Plant based Green Curry
Plant based Panaeng
Plant based Palo
Plant based Tom Yum

NSL FOODS revealed that plant-based protein food in both the global market and the Thai market is a food business that is gaining popularity and growing steadily from consumers paying more attention to their health and choosing nutritious food and reduce the amount of meat for long-term good health. The trend also helps to conserve the environment and take care of animal welfare. As a result, plant-based products become the food trend of the future also for today’s health lovers.

“Bringing soybean and rice which have valuable nutrients into the new healthy products under brands ‘Thai Taste’ and ‘Soup a Day’ adds more proposed value to our consumers. In addition to benefiting consumers, it is another channel to support farmers in a sustainable way which will help drive the economy in agricultural sector to be stronger.”

NSL FOODS Plc. commits to keep on developing and researching of various sustainable products and to provide more choices to consumers including market expansions in multiple platforms. The company believes that this healthy market should generate more sustainable profit in the in the long term.