Tasty USA Day: American Pizza

Come back agian ‼️, Tasty USA Day campaign along with the Great American Pizza Competition ‘Grand Final’ We, NSL Foods, are welcome to invite everyone to join the campaigns which many expert chefs will compete in creating pizzas from U.S. ingredients which ia a good cooperation between the U.S. Embassy and NSL Foods Plc., who supports and promotes premium quality products such as U.S. Beef Short Plate. There are also many more features such as U.S. Scallop menus to taste, and imported product selling in the fair for those who love to cook and enjoy premium quality from U.S. food.

We are welcome to invite you to come for final round pizza competition, and see techniques for making pizza from many experienced chefs using U.S. signature ingredients at Emquartier from 10-13 November 2022, NSL Foods booth, Zone C-1.