Press conference of rice sticks

NSL Foods launches new brand ‘rice sticks’ to penetrate Ready To Eat market worth 30 billion baht

NSL Foods (NSL Foods) Public Company Limited, a major manufacturer of bakery products for over 19 years and also has products under various brands such as Pang Tai, Natural Bites and Butterfin can be seen. Opportunity to develop a brand new product ‘Rice Bar’ that will create a new segment in the Ready to Eat market with a total value of more than 20,000-30,000 million baht today and has a continuous growth rate every year

The company has put in place a pricing strategy for its brand of rice sticks, both savory and sweet, initially at 29 baht per piece in order to market the product to reach a wide range of target groups as comprehensively as possible. The company has reduced product profits and turned to manage the overall production cost instead.

“For rice stick products, the investment budget is about 70-80 million baht. In the form of products, the first phase is still a long bar. And now it’s developing other forms of rice sticks that can be used with sandwich dryers. in no time Currently, we have expanded our factory production line. resulting in production capacity of ready-to-eat food up to 150,000 tons/day”

In addition, in order to reach a comprehensive group of new generations NSL Foods has therefore marketed two main channels for selling rice bars:

        1. The first flagship store under the name of Rice Bar by NSL, Siam Square One. To reflect and create brand awareness among the main target groups. In the future, it will expand to other branches such as train stations, office buildings. Residential building  Including selling vending machines in various communities as well 

        2. Franchise model see clarity next year

สำหรับ NSL Foods Currently, income for the first 9 months (January-September) of 2022 is about 3,200 million baht, divided into

        1. Revenue from contract manufacturing (OEM) of eclair sandwiches under the brands Easy Taste, Easy Sweet and Seven Fresh to 7-Eleven, accounted for 85%. 

        2. Income from manufacturing and distributing products under own brand In the Bakery and Snacks group, Butterfin, Chili, Natural Bites, and Pan Tai, accounted for 15%.

The strategy of NSL Foods is to need a balance port. business risk diversification The target is that by 2022, the revenue structure from the OEM manufacturing business for Seven will be reduced to 70%, while the production and distribution of products under its own brand will increase to 30%.

“For the year 2022, the revenue target is set at 4,000 million baht from the end of 2021 with an income of 3,000 million baht.”