NSL Foods has signed MOU with Bake A Wish to expand and strengthen the bakery sector.


Mr. Somchai Asavapiyanond, President of NSL Foods Public Company Limited has signed MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) in collaboration with Bake A Wish J.H.C. Co., Ltd. founded by Miss Veji  Prachyasilpawut, together with Mr. Weerachon Khaophong, Mr. Arkradej Liamcharoen and Mr. Kawin Prachyasilpawut joining the event as witnesses.





The signing is aimed at jointly expanding the production and distribution of bakery products including food and drink between NSL Foods Public Company Limited and Bake A Wish  J.H.C. Co., Ltd. We look forward to bringing together the expertise of each side to strengthen our capabilities for the bakery sector, and enhance ability to respond to increase in consumer demand.