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NSL Foods has signed MOU with Bake A Wish to expand and strengthen the bakery sector.


Mr. Somchai Asavapiyanond, President of NSL Foods Public Company Limited has signed MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) in collaboration with Bake A Wish J.H.C. Co., Ltd. founded by Miss Veji  Prachyasilpawut, together with Mr. Weerachon Khaophong, Mr. Arkradej Liamcharoen and Mr. Kawin Prachyasilpawut joining the event as witnesses.





The signing is aimed at jointly expanding the production and distribution of bakery products including food and drink between NSL Foods Public Company Limited and Bake A Wish  J.H.C. Co., Ltd. We look forward to bringing together the expertise of each side to strengthen our capabilities for the bakery sector, and enhance ability to respond to increase in consumer demand.

catering food for elderly at the nursing home.

NSL FOODS Plc. catering food for elderly at the nursing home.

On November 13, 2022, NSL Foods Public Company Limited hosted a social activity catering food for the elderly at the nursing home of the Siri Wattanatam Foundation, Ratchaburi Province, which is a project that has been carried out continuously. To promote the value of sharing, NSL Foods is pleased to participate in creating such activities to make a better society for all of us.

On this occasion, we would like to thank all the staff who donate and support the fundraising event for the elderly

ทั้งนี้ขอขอบพระคุณพนักงานทุกท่านที่ร่วมบริจาคสมทบทุนในการจัดกิจกรรมเลี้ยงอาหารผู้สูงอายุ ณ บ้านพักคนชรา มา ณ โอกาสนี้ด้วย

Press conference of rice sticks

NSL Foods launches new brand ‘rice sticks’ to penetrate Ready To Eat market worth 30 billion baht

NSL Foods (NSL Foods) Public Company Limited, a major manufacturer of bakery products for over 19 years and also has products under various brands such as Pang Tai, Natural Bites and Butterfin can be seen. Opportunity to develop a brand new product ‘Rice Bar’ that will create a new segment in the Ready to Eat market with a total value of more than 20,000-30,000 million baht today and has a continuous growth rate every year

The company has put in place a pricing strategy for its brand of rice sticks, both savory and sweet, initially at 29 baht per piece in order to market the product to reach a wide range of target groups as comprehensively as possible. The company has reduced product profits and turned to manage the overall production cost instead.

“For rice stick products, the investment budget is about 70-80 million baht. In the form of products, the first phase is still a long bar. And now it’s developing other forms of rice sticks that can be used with sandwich dryers. in no time Currently, we have expanded our factory production line. resulting in production capacity of ready-to-eat food up to 150,000 tons/day”

In addition, in order to reach a comprehensive group of new generations NSL Foods has therefore marketed two main channels for selling rice bars:

        1. The first flagship store under the name of Rice Bar by NSL, Siam Square One. To reflect and create brand awareness among the main target groups. In the future, it will expand to other branches such as train stations, office buildings. Residential building  Including selling vending machines in various communities as well 

        2. Franchise model see clarity next year

สำหรับ NSL Foods Currently, income for the first 9 months (January-September) of 2022 is about 3,200 million baht, divided into

        1. Revenue from contract manufacturing (OEM) of eclair sandwiches under the brands Easy Taste, Easy Sweet and Seven Fresh to 7-Eleven, accounted for 85%. 

        2. Income from manufacturing and distributing products under own brand In the Bakery and Snacks group, Butterfin, Chili, Natural Bites, and Pan Tai, accounted for 15%.

The strategy of NSL Foods is to need a balance port. business risk diversification The target is that by 2022, the revenue structure from the OEM manufacturing business for Seven will be reduced to 70%, while the production and distribution of products under its own brand will increase to 30%.

“For the year 2022, the revenue target is set at 4,000 million baht from the end of 2021 with an income of 3,000 million baht.”

Children’s Day

Children’s Day

National Children’s Day 2023
“Know your duty, Discipline, Pursuit of goodness”

NSL Foods Public Company Limited jointly sponsors the 2023 Children’s Day gift for children to realize their roles. have the courage to express themselves creatively and to create morale for children
Which is an important resource for the development of the country in the future. On January 13, 2023, we would like to invite children to join in the National Children’s Day activities at Wat Lampho School from 8:00 a.m.

Within the event, there are many activities for children to enjoy, such as

– Watch the performances of the students on stage.

– Play games, answer questions, win prizes

Food stalls, snacks, drinks give away for free! Throughout the event
let’s have fun, think, have fun, play with good activities that the children have been waiting for.

Celebrating the opening of 2 new branches of Khao Stick restaurants on Mo Chit and Ari BTS stations.

NSL Foods celebrates the opening of Rice Bar by NSL 2 new branches
on BTS Mo Chit and BTS Ari stations. ready to serve deliciousness convenient for every journey

Mr. Somchai Asavapiyanon, Managing Director of NSL Foods Public Company Limited celebrates the opening of “Rice Bar by NSL” 2 new branches on Mo Chit BTS Station. and train station BTS Ari after opening the first branch at Siam Square One which received very good feedback from customers In addition, will expand more branches to make it easier for consumers to access By expanding branches, “rice sticks” is in line with the brand concept. that focuses on meeting the lifestyles of consumers in today’s era Need a helper to add more convenience to life that is hectic because “rice sticks” It is a better version of the rice menu with cooked sticks. Spicy taste according to the identity of Thai food menus, delicious, convenient to eat, portable, suitable for children and adults, including 18 sweet and savory menus that Thai people are familiar with, such as chicken basil rice, pork fried rice, grilled pork sticky rice, durian sticky rice, sugar cane custard sticky rice, Taro Sticky Rice, Oni, Ginkgo, etc. Delicious, easy, valuable and worthwhile. Starting at only 29 baht per piece

new today at the train station BTS Mo Chit and a branch at Ari BTS station. Enjoy your rice stick menu every day at all 3 branches of Rice Bar by NSL (Siam Square One, 2nd floor, Mo Chit BTS station, and Ari BTS station) or follow more details at

Tasty USA Day: American Pizza

Come back agian ‼️, Tasty USA Day campaign along with the Great American Pizza Competition ‘Grand Final’ We, NSL Foods, are welcome to invite everyone to join the campaigns which many expert chefs will compete in creating pizzas from U.S. ingredients which ia a good cooperation between the U.S. Embassy and NSL Foods Plc., who supports and promotes premium quality products such as U.S. Beef Short Plate. There are also many more features such as U.S. Scallop menus to taste, and imported product selling in the fair for those who love to cook and enjoy premium quality from U.S. food.

We are welcome to invite you to come for final round pizza competition, and see techniques for making pizza from many experienced chefs using U.S. signature ingredients at Emquartier from 10-13 November 2022, NSL Foods booth, Zone C-1.

Plant based product pre-launch event under brands ‘Thai Taste’ and ‘Soup a Day’

NSL Foods Public Company Limited launched new plant-based products under brand ‘Thai Taste’ and ‘Soup a Day’ during 14-15 October 2022 in Singapore collaborating with Unified Trade Hub, a food product importer and distributor. The event highlighted ready-to-eat plant-based food products to create brand awareness and penetrate the market aiming for new generations who love healthy lifestyles, vegan and vegetarian group, and still maintain the concept of Innovative Healthy Food from the company with cooking show activities and special menus in the event.

Soup a Day’ ready-to-eat plant based soup, easy to eat, just open the sachet, add hot water and enjoy

Mushroom Cream Soup
Green Pea Cream Soup
Pumpkin Cream Soup
White Bean Cream Soup

‘Thai Taste’ instant Thai curry Plant based, plant protein, ready to eat, more delicious when heated

Plant based Green Curry
Plant based Panaeng
Plant based Palo
Plant based Tom Yum

NSL FOODS revealed that plant-based protein food in both the global market and the Thai market is a food business that is gaining popularity and growing steadily from consumers paying more attention to their health and choosing nutritious food and reduce the amount of meat for long-term good health. The trend also helps to conserve the environment and take care of animal welfare. As a result, plant-based products become the food trend of the future also for today’s health lovers.

“Bringing soybean and rice which have valuable nutrients into the new healthy products under brands ‘Thai Taste’ and ‘Soup a Day’ adds more proposed value to our consumers. In addition to benefiting consumers, it is another channel to support farmers in a sustainable way which will help drive the economy in agricultural sector to be stronger.”

NSL FOODS Plc. commits to keep on developing and researching of various sustainable products and to provide more choices to consumers including market expansions in multiple platforms. The company believes that this healthy market should generate more sustainable profit in the in the long term.

Protein & Fiber Bread : New products from NSL FOODS Plc.

Protein & Fiber Bread : New products from NSL FOODS Plc.

NSL Foods Plc., the country’s leading food manufacturer, is continuously developing products aiming for an innovative and healthy food leader along with the mission of Nutrition Sustainable for Life. New products are launched under the brand Natural Bites providing two healthy breads: Protein and Fiber breads. The breads come with higher specific nutrition and benefits than normal bread for everyday consumption in a good price.

Protein Bread contains 9 grams of protein per slice from soy protein, egg white and milk protein which is twice the amount of protein from normal white bread. It is suitable for people who want to add daily protein intake and also made from unbleached wheat flour which can be eaten like other bread, making sandwiches, baking or creating other healthy menus.

Fiber Bread contains 6 grams of fiber per slice from polydextrose, which is 3 times more fiber than white bread. It has a soft texture containing a variety of cereals and unbleached wheat flour which is suitable for those who want to add fiber in their meals and control diets.

Company Limited, a leading bakery manufacturer and distributor in Thailand, has launched a new product “KhowThang (Rice Bar)”

Company Limited, a leading bakery manufacturer and distributor in Thailand, has launched a new product “KhowThang (Rice Bar)”,

A representative of rice who always has dreams and wants to develop himself, with trials and errors, so that he can become “a better version.” Never let anyone stop his mind, and never stop changing himself. Through the selection of high-quality ingredients and authentic seasoning, the rice bar is now ready to get along with everyone in every moment to make them feel more comfortable, and safe more time to create good things in a better version of themselves. From our heart to your hand.

Forget normal rice eating with “KhowThang (Rice Bar)” 3 flavors available in 7-Eleven

“Kee Mao Chicken” Thai Stir-Fried Spicy Chicken Rice Bar To Go

“Grilled Pork” tasty & chunky pork Rice Bar To Go

“Tom Yum Kung” Authentic Thai style Rice Bar To Go

Come enjoy the deliciousness and many other menus at “KhowThang (Rice Bar)”,  Shop, Siam Square One Branch.

Rice Bar 9 Thai Street Foods

  1. “Kra Pao Chicken” Thai jasmine rice mixed basil sauce with stir fried chicken and basil leaves filling
  2. “Kua Kling Chicken” Thai jasmine rice mixed yellow curry paste sauce with stir fried spicy minced chicken & herbs filling
  3. “Pork Larb” Sticky rice mixed with ground roasted rice and herbs with spicy minced pork salad filling
  4. Fried rice with pork and scrambled egg filling
  5. Sticky rice mixed grilled sauce with roasted pork filling
  6. Rice berry mixed basil sauce with stir fried chicken and basil leaves filling
  7. Thai jasmine rice mixed seasoning sauce with garlic fried chicken filling
  8. Thai jasmine rice mixed black pepper sauce with stir fried black pepper pork filling
  9. Thai jasmine rice mixed BBQ sauce with grilled pork cubes filling

Rice Bar 9 Thai Desserts

  1. Sweet sticky rice mixed black beans chopped with black beans in coconut milk filling
  2. Sweet sticky rice with stir fried salted coconut filling
  3. Sweet black sticky rice with caramelized shredded coconut abd palm jelly filling
  4. Sweet sticky rice with sugar cane Thai egg custard filling
  5. Sweet sticky rice with corn cream filling
  6. Butterfly pea sticky rice with longan and coconut cream filling
  7. Sweet purple sticky rice with stir fried taro and ginkgo filling
  8. Sweet sticky rice with red bean and black sesame filling
  9. Sweet sticky rice with durian and coconut milk filling

2 new Signature drinks

  1. Rice berry water and pomegranate juice Italian soda
  2. Thai jasmine rice water with honey jelly topping

Looking at its distinctive style, we believe that “KhowThang (Rice Bar)” will be another product capturing NSL consumers’ hearts, especially the younger generation. The product will launch along with hot star presenter, Bright Norraphat Vilaiphan aiming to create continuous recognition, as well as focusing on distribution of products in accessible areas for consumers.

There’s also a great event for the fans that can’t be missed by “Meet and Greet” with Bright Norraphat. Simply collect amount purchase of ‘Rice Bar To Go’ in 7-Eleven, the first 30 top spenders will be rewarded to be in the Meet and Greet event including free Rice Bar pillow with Bright’s signature.

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NSL Foods Public Company Limited be a part of premium deliciousness through the campaign

NSL Foods Public Company Limited be a part of premium deliciousness through the campaign

As an importer and distributor of quality raw materials from the United States such as Alaska Black Cod, U.S. Scallop, U.S. Beef Short Plate, NSL Food provide these products to create special dishes in the campaign for 23 branches of Salad Factory.

Recently, “Salad Factory, a famous health food restaurant” pre-opened the campaign “Premium Taste of America” ​​ selecting premium quality raw materials from USA and creating 7
premium menus with unique experiences for consumers through the various sources of the ingredients which bring the specialties in every bite.

For special menus in the “Premium Taste of America” campaign, are consisting of 7 unique dishes and the main ingredients that NSL Foods bring in this time are U.S. Beef Short plate, U.S. Scallop, Alaska Black Cod.

U.S. Beef Short Plate Sliced ​​meat rolls with assorted vegetables Grilled until fragrant, served with the restaurant’s special sauce.

U.S. Scallop in Yellow Marine Special size scallop, firm texture, grilled without overcooking, juicy, fragrant, unique to the US scallop, served with butter squash purée.

Fired Black Cod Steak, a sea fish from the same family as snow fish. A precious product from the deep sea, high in vitamins and protein, soft white meat,
grilled and burned to give it a unique fish aroma. Served with lemon cream sauce Seasoned with balsamic glaze over a variety of grilled vegetables.

Other premium dishes include U.S. Beef Short Plate Cobb Salad, American Potato Croquette, Yuzu Honey Cheesecake and American Apple Pie Smoothie.

The campaign was honored by Mr. Eric Mollis, Assistant Agricultural Advisor, United States Department of Agriculture American Embassy, ​​Ms. Waewdao Tanavatsatiend, Director of Sales and Marketing, NSL Foods Public Company Limited along with honored guests, Mr. Piya Dankhum and Ms. Pimkaew Sitpahul Dankhum, the executives of Salad Factory and taken place at Salad Factory, Ari branch.

NSL Foods, one of the leader in food services market who, selects, imports and distributes quality ingredients, is ready to invite you to experience premium deliciousness from America from the campaign “Premium Taste of America” available from August 8 to September 25, 2022 at all Salad Factory outlets.