“Pen Tor” to a refreshing drink “Pen Tor Drink”

From the hit sitcom “Pen Tor” to a refreshing drink “Pen Tor Drink” that is second to none 🧡🙏🏻

the press conference was lively with executive representatives. “Khun Boy Takonkiet Viravan” Group Chief Executive Officer of The One Enterprise Public Company Limited.

“Somchai Asavapiyanon” Managing Director of NSL Foods Public Company Limited “Dr. Piriya Phowijit” Managing Director of Mascot Production Company Limited / Chief Executive Officer of the company as 1 A F&B Co., Ltd. and the one that can’t be missed is the protagonist “Chakrit Yamnam” who sits on the presenter podium “Pen Tor Drink”✨🥂🧡