NSL Family’s Culture Outing 2024

On Tuesday, March 5, 2567, NSL Foods Public Company Limited organized the “NSL Family’s Culture Outing.” This activity aims to cultivate the NSL identity among employees, which comprises: 1. Nice Attitude: Embracing a growth mindset in work, being open-minded to listen to others’ opinions for the collective goal. 2. Sense of belonging: Feeling a part of the organization, identifying problems, and actively participating in solving them with the team. 3. Lifelong learning: Actively seeking knowledge, self-development, and sharing various techniques with the team for mutual learning and progress.

The event was conducted by K. Sudaratn Sirivarangkul, Chief Executive Officer at IDEO Empowerment at NSL Foods Limited (Public Company) Branch 2 hall. The NSL Family’s Culture is not just a way of working but also an identity that helps build understanding and confidence among members within the company. It promotes teamwork and internal support, creating a pleasant working environment.